Seventeen years ago, the U.S.-led a so-called ,coalition of the willing, and invaded Iraq, ostensibly to get rid of Saddam Hussein. That set in motion a multi-year occupation that's still seeing thousands of U.S. troops slated for withdrawal. Iraq is struggling to move on, including a youth-led uprising in October 2019. Guests include, Louisa Loveluck, Baghdad Bureau Chief for the Washington Post; Bessma Momani, Professor of Political Science at the University of Waterloo, and Waleed Nesyif, an Iraqi-Canadian filmmaker and writer. He was a translator and so-called fixer for media during the Iraq War.
The Toll of War in Yemen
Nov 18, 2020
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The city halted fare collection in the face of COVID-19. Now a local advocacy coalition wants council to make no-cost travel permanent.
The government has not publicly shared a triage protocol — but what we know about its thinking has experts and advocates worried that Ontarians with disabilities will be denied care.
OPINION: After Roman Baber’s public anti-lockdown message, the premier kicked him out of the caucus — proving that at least some things are beyond the pale.
The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.

OPINION: The numbers are still objectively bad — but they aren’t still going up. Even if it’s a blip, the timing couldn’t be better.

The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.
Shortly after the flight from Tehran to Kyiv claimed dozens of Canadian lives, COVID-19 took over the news cycle. But victims’ friends and relatives continue their fight for answers — and accountability.

The government has released new information about vaccine doses, capacity, and distribution. Read the full update.

Last week, I got to hear the hockey heroes of the ’72 series reminisce about their showdown with the Soviets — and what made it so legendary.