Ontario's Greatest Bootlegger

The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Bootleggers, mobsters and the shady side of Hamilton, one hundred years ago. That was Rocco Perri's world as he built a fortune rum-running in Prohibition era southern Ontario. Trevor Cole tells Perri's story and that of the constable who doggedly pursued him in his new book, "The Whisky King: The Remarkable True Story of Canada's Most Infamous Bootlegger and the undercover Mountie on his Trail." Both men came to North America from Italy as boys, both attempted to escape the poverty they experienced as new immigrants by working on opposite sides of the law; one became a criminal, the other captured them. The Agenda learns about this little-known, true-crime story in Ontario's history.
Ontario's Past and Future; Canada's Most Infamous Bootlegger
May 09, 2017