Latinx: Solving for x in a binary world

Word Bomb

In this episode of Word Bomb, Pippa and Karina examine the myriad of modern ways to self-identify as Latin American. Joined by a Chicanx psycholinguist and a Venezuelanx performer, they dig into divisive debates and far-reaching colonial history to see why the gender-neutral term "Latinx"-and its many variations-is on the rise. Thank you to Dr. Megan Figeroa and Augusto Bitter for their interviews! You can follow Megan's academic and activist work on her website ( and follow her on Twitter @megandfigueroa. NB: She's compiled a great database ( of marginalized scholars in the field of linguistics/language. Augusto is a Venezuelan-born, Dora Award-winning performer, writer, and educator based in Toronto. Check out his website ( and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @augustobitter. For further reading, we recommend checking out David Bowles' excellent and informative blog post ( on the history of "Latinx"; he has a book on the topic forthcoming from Oxford University Press in 2021. Also consider picking up Ed Morales' book Latinx: The New Force in American Politics and Culture ( Thanks for listening!
Oct 06, 2020
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