Great Blue Wild - series 2 - Episode 2

Great Blue Wild

Palau is a tiny country with a big story. In 2009, this island nation in the middle of the western Pacific Ocean created the world's first shark sanctuary to protect more than 100 shark species from reckless overfishing and the brutal practice of commercial shark finning. Then, in 2014, Palau once again led the way. It established the world's largest marine sanctuary - a no-go zone for foreign commercial fisheries nearly the size of California. But keeping illegal fishing fleets at bay is not easy. Palau is involved in a battle at sea - the outcome of which could determine the future of this island paradise.
Oct 15, 2021
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Sudbury. Algoma. Timiskaming. Each is facing increased cases — and its own challenges in overcoming them.
OPINION: Thousands of medical procedures and tests were delayed or cancelled because of the pandemic. We’ll be facing the costs well into the future.

The latest coronavirus updates from across the province. 

OPINION: People shouldn’t claim to be something they’re not. But the urge to protect Indigenous heritage could take us to a bad place.

The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.

OPINION: Is it more transmissible? Are outcomes less severe? Can it evade vaccines? We don’t know yet. But we do know our ICU capacity remains finite.

The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.

In 1996, the most unlikely Liberal contestant emerged victorious at Maple Leaf Gardens.

OPINION: COVID-19 gave farmers a chance to tout the benefits of domestic food production. Instead, they raised prices more than ever.