As new information on the pandemic is released daily, people are growing increasingly tired of the onslaught of continuous COVID-19 coverage. To discuss how to stay informed without becoming overwhelmed The Agenda welcomes Dana Rose Garfin, disaster and trauma researcher at the University of California, Irvine; Gordon Flett, psychology professor and Canada Research Chair in Personality and Health at York University; and Ramona Pringle, associate professor at Ryerson University's RTA School of Media.
COVID-19 News Overload; Pandemic Deniers
May 11, 2020
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OPINION: Vaccinations are finally going strong. But the costs of falling short of “herd immunity” are huge, and there’s a simple way to help boost our numbers — cash.

The province has released new details about employer-led clinics, hot spots, age eligibility, and more. Read the full briefing.

A new study shows many people want to improve their mental health through exercise — but poor mental health is a barrier. So what’s the solution?
The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.
OPINION: Ottawa has announced that the planned Highway 413 will be subjected to federal review — and that sends a message about Liberal political priorities.
Harvard University’s L. Mahadevan explains a key natural process that has led to Earth’s tremendous diversity of life.
From the 1940s to the ’60s, more than 1,000 Ontarians — mostly women — underwent brain surgery to treat mental illness. But the “bubble of enthusiasm” burst.
The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.
Civil servants are supposed to provide “fearless advice and loyal implementation” — but some critics question whether they have an anti-Tory bias.