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In show #9 our field piece deals with the treatment of fibroid tumours. Even though hysterectomies are still standard treatment for severe fibroid tumours, many doctors and patients have been looking for alternatives. We may have treatment that could spare the womb, if only government could spare the money. Vaccines such as those for polio, smallpox and diptheria have saved millions of lives wordwide. Many deadly diseases have been eliminated altogether, and others have been tamed to the point where they're no longer considered major threats. Still, a small but vocal part of the population remains skeptical and leery of vaccines. Maureen Taylor sat down to talk with Peter Doherty, an eminent immunologist from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis and winner of the 1996 Nobel Prizefor Medicine, about vaccines. Dr. Paul Caldwell's topic this week is colon-cancer.
Jun 08, 2002
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