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Host Maureen Taylor introduces YOUR HEALTH program #6. The field item deals with Crohn's disease. until recently it was a disease no one wanted to talk about, raise money for, or admit they had it. But with the emergence of a new drug therapy, Remicaid, Crohn 's disease sis slowly coming out of the closet. Three members of the Moorhouse family have lived most of their adult lives with Crohn's. Maureen's studio guest Dr. Donald Low , a microbiologist at Mount Sinai Hospital talks about the over-prescribition of antiobiotics and how it's leading to the creation of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. And the World Health Organization as well as reiterating that patients need to stop pressuring their doctors for drugs that won't fight their virus anyway, has also singled out farmers and veterinarians for contributing to the superbug problem. Dr. Paul Caldwells topic this week is 'Night time numbness'
May 18, 2002
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