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Your Health

Host Maureen Taylor introduces the fourth show in a series of twenty-six. (Season 3) The field item deals with acid indigestion - heartburn. Sales of over-the-counter heartburn medications run up to a hundred million dollars a year in Canada. Jerry Birnbaum wishes he'd headed to the doctor instead of the drug store. The drug thalidomide also has the potential to reduce suffering, and prolong life, and that's why it's been reborn, and because some early test results are so promising, doctors are already using it. Today the tragic side-effects of thalidomide are well-known. Maureen Taylor hosts studio discussion with Randy Warren, executive director of the Thalidomide Victims Association, and Peter Wells a scientist and professor of pharmacy at the University of Toronto Mini-Medical - Dr. Paul Caldwell talks about panic attacks.
May 04, 2002
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