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Your Health

On this episode of YOUR HEALTH the field piece looks at the subject of drug marketing. In Canada, where drug companies can't advertise products directly to the consumer, they must instead pitch the drugs to the doctors who write the prescriptions. But doctors don't need ads, they need education about which drug is best for their patients. YOUR HEALTH looks at how they get that education, and how it can affect your health when the education is coming from drug companies. Maureen Taylor's studio guest is Marcia Herman-Giddens, a professor at the University of North Carolina's School of public health and one of the leading researchers in the field of early puberty. For the last decade doctors have noticed more and more girls are developing breasts and growing pubic hair at younger ages - some as young as 5,6 and 7 years old. Obviously this is a health concern, but parents are also worried about the potential psychological effects of premature sexual development. Dr. Paul Caldwell explains how our vocal chords work.
Aug 24, 2002
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