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Show #13 field items focus on tuberculosis. About 2 billion people are still infected world wide and as many as three million people die from TB every year. In the item we meet Anita Hall. Born in Canada, she never dreamed she was at risk. And she lived with active TB for months before she was diagnosed and treated. Maureen's studio guest is Dr. Jay Keystone, an infectious disease expert at the University Health Network. We know that in Toronto immigrants and refugees make up 90 percent of new cases of active tuberculosis. And that's despite the fact that immigrants are screened. However, they're not screened for other things like Hepatitis B and HIV, which are also deadly and costly to treat. Dr. Paul Caldwell talks about knee pain.
Jul 06, 2002
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Newmarket has drafted a bylaw mandating credentials for massage practitioners. Critics say it lacks justification — and would put racialized groups and sex workers at risk.

After the outbreak at Hamilton’s Rececca Towers, residents had access to shots onsite — and they want others to have the same opportunity.

OPINION: The health minister says there's no need for financial incentives to get the shot. That's okay for now — but things could look different in September.

The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.
OPINION: I waited hours this weekend for a shot — and was turned away. Inventory control and simple addition shouldn’t be this hard.
Ron Davis is a brilliant jazz pianist. Thanks to the pandemic, he’s no longer playing — and he’s likely not the only one.
The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.
OPINION: There are arguments for having Section 33 in our Constitution — undoing the errors of a government that can’t seem to shoot straight isn’t one of them.
The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.