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In Show #10 - the field piece looks at Judy Milli who believes prayer heals. Doctors didn't know what cured her cancer, but after years of prayer and meditation, it's gone. Maureen's studio guest is Dr. Thomas Knapp, a Toronto-area radiologist discuss "full-body scans" which are done with a million-dollar x-ray machine called a CT scan. Dozens of people in Vancouver have forked out almost a thousand dollars each to get a three-dimensional look at their insides. The problem is, their doctors didn't order these tests, and may be medically unnecessary. Aside from the issues around using publicity-funded equipment to help hospitals make extra money, these patients are also exposing themselves to a heck of a lot of radiation. Dr. Paul Caldwell's 'Medicine 101" explains are X-rays give doctors a better picture.
Jun 15, 2002
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