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Would you want to know you had an incurable disease? We can now diagnose Alzheimer's while people still understand what that means, but we can't offer them a cure. Although there are drugs to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer's, it's debatable how well they work. The subject of our field piece is Brenda Hounam, who is grappling with her diagnosis, able to understand today what she may not remember tomorrow. Maureen Taylor's studio guests are Dr. Barry Zimmerman, a pediatric allergist, and Dr. Chip Coombs, a veterinarian. When it comes to choosing between the family pet or our children's health, we'd all say our kids come first. Maureen's two guests disagree over the health risks of dogs and cats and other pets. Dr. Paul Caldwell's subject this week is the appendix.
Sep 07, 2002
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