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What impact does today's high-pressure, fast-paced workplace have on our families? What happens when one member of the family can't get enough of work, spending more and more time in the quest to succeed? My first guest is a pioneer in the field of workaholism. Barbara Killinger is a clinical psychologist and the author of "Workaholics, The Respectable Addicts. A Family Survival Guide". She's here to shed some light on this condition. There are many film festivals around the world, but only one that focusses entirely on diversity, and it's right here in Toronto. The Reel World Film Festival starts tomorrow. It features more than 68 shorts, feature films, and documentaries. There is also a program geared to children that exposes them to diversity in film and teaches them how to make their own movies. Here to tell us more are Kirk Cooper, the Programming Manager of the Reel World Film Festival. And Jazz Virk, a Toronto filmmaker who has just completed his first feature after eight long years. This show contains a Studio 2 segment "Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy".
Mar 31, 2004
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