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Today, a lesson in wedding planning from a panel of experts. Yvette Shier is a wedding planner, Sarah Bunnett-Gibson is a Minister and Catherine Lash is a wedding photographer. They're here today to share some of their most memorable stories and enlighten us on the new trends in the wedding industry including inter-faith weddings and documentary photography. They'll also take your calls. Also today, if you thought My Big Fat Greek Wedding took the cake topper? Try a bigger and fatter Greek/Italian wedding with over two dozen ushers and bridesmaids. Or how about the Sikh wedding to end all Sikh weddings? Or the little Filipino wedding that could? Learn about the joys of ethnic weddings with three brides that lived to tell their tale. Rodelyn Wisco is of Filipino heritage - her groom, Joel - is of German-Canadian descent. Punam Atwal is a Sikh Canadian who married Jaswinder - she shares her ethnic background and religion. And Effie Altomare and her husband Lou had a big fat Greek and Italian wedding. Show contains a Planet Parent segment "Video Diary: Blended Family Wedding".
Aug 27, 2003
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