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It's the first of November. The war on terrorism has failed to turn up Osama bin Laden. Anthrax fears are escalating, and the U.S. government has warned Americans of a possible, imminent terrorist strike. Here to help us make sense of recent events are David Mutimer, acting-director of York University's Centre for International & Security Studies and John Thompson, a terrorism expert with the Mackenzie Institute. If you have questions or comments on where this war is heading, give us a call. Evelyn Dick is among the most notorious of female murderers. The murder and dismemberment of her husband John became known by a chilled public as the "Torso Murder". When the cement-encased body of her newborn child was discovered the case took on a whole new level of horror. Brian Vallee has covered the case extensively, and is the author of ,The Torso Murder: The Untold Story of Evelyn Dick,. He joins Mary to discuss this fascinating story. Show is phone-in based and viewers can also participate via e-mail.
Nov 01, 2001
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