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What are you doing this summer? Hopefully touring the most beautiful province in Canada (Ontario of course)! Tune in today for a discussion with Helen Lovekin from Ontario Tourism and Tricia Hosking from Toronto Tourism. They will give you some advice on what to do in the province this summer. And keep your pants on because today we're talking about nudism. Why is it so appealing to a growing number of Canadians? We'll have some answers from James Woycke. He's the author of Au Naturel and he has spent a decade researching the history of Canadian nudism. And Stephane Deschenes, from the Association of Canadian Naturists will also be here. This show also contains one Imprint segment "Six Nations Writers".
Jun 18, 2003
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OPINION: Regardless of what denialists say, there is broad scholarly consensus that the term applies to the residential-school system.

During the late 18th and much of the 19th century, Ontarians faced a different kind of variant — one carried by a buzzing, biting threat.

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They skated their hearts out for Canada at the 1964 Winter Olympics. Nearly 58 years later, these players still don’t have their medals.

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The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.