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Larry Hummel, Vice president of Property Values For Ontario Property Assessment Corporation will be here to take your calls and questions about the new Ontario Tax Assessment. Gerry Bowler, author of The World Encyclopedia of Christmas, joins us to tell us everything we always wanted to know about how the holiday is celebrated all over the world. Why is it illegal to dress as Santa Claus in Twente, Holland? What does it mean to the Maoris if the pohutukawa flowers before Christmas? Get the answers to these questions and everything else under the holly. The World Encyclopedia of Christmas, published by McClelland & Stewart. Eva Chmielowiec gives Maureen some great tips on decorating your mantle, wrapping presents and making Christmas stockings. This live program is studio based with a phone-in. Viewer can also participate via e-mail. This show contains 1 taped item "Decorator" MTL item (4:40).
Dec 19, 2000
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