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Studio 2

Fishing: Steve is on location in Port Severn learning to fish with Henry Waszzchuk of Canadian Sportfishing. Fly Fishing: Steve talks to Ian James, a former member of the Canadian National Fly Fishing Team. Women and Fishing: In Dorset Ontario a weekend course in fishing for women has been set up. It's the first of it's kind, 120 women are registered and, there is a waiting list of 200 women who want to take the course in the fall. High-Tech Fishing: Steve and Henry take a look at how you can spend thousands of dollars to catch that fish. Fishing Tournaments: We went to "Walleye '96" in Napanee, which is one of the largest amateur tournaments and, prizes total more than $40,000. Fish Farms: If you can't travel north, or you want to make sure you catch something, you can go to a fish farm. You can find up to 1800 fish in ponds the size of a large swimming pool.
Jul 03, 1997
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