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Sore knees, aching muscles and pulled backs are often the result of a body pushed too far too soon. No one witnesses that more than sports medicine specialist Dr. David Lowe. He's here to tell that the bikini is not worth the pain. What is a Canadian? How do we differ from region to region and what brings us together as a nation? These are questions John Stackhouse raises after spending nine years as a foreign correspondent for the Globe and Mail. He decided the best way to get to know his homeland was to hitchhike his way from coast to coast. He first stuck his thumb out in Saint John, New Brunswick and kept going until he ended his journey in Tofino, British Columbia. He's gathered his adventures together and turned it into a book Timbit Nation: A Hitchhiker's View of Canada. Show contains one Your Health mini-medical "Warts".
Jul 15, 2003
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