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4th Reading

Shock was replaced by anger this week in some municipalities across the province. They've begun to calculate just how much recent moves by Queen's Park to download services are actually going to cost them. And nowhere is that anger more palatable than in Metro Toronto. Even senior Conservatives in the Toronto area are publicly calling for the government to back off. When all is said and done, it looks like Metro will have to make up almost a billion dollars in extra costs. Paula Todd is joined by Gordon Chong, a Metro Councillor and the Chair of Metro's Human Services Committee. He's also a long-time Conservative. And 4th reading's panel of Queen's Park analysts: former Ontario NDP Cabinet Minister Ruth Grier; Richard Mahoney, at one time the President of the Ontario Liberals, now with Fraser and Beatty in Ottawa, and Hugh Segal - senior Progressive Conservative advisor.
Jan 26, 1997
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