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As the Mike Harris government presides over the restructuring of the health care system, obstetricians, orthopaedic surgeons and even your good old fashioned family doctor are threatening to deny their services unless the government puts more money in their pockets. Health Minister Jim Wilson has already said he'll find it for them - from other parts of the system. Some will come from recently announced hospital shutdowns in Sudbury and Thunder Bay, or the 15 more expected in Metro Toronto alone. Meanwhile, thousands of nurses are expected to be laid off. Host Steve Paikin is joined by Dr. Robin Richards is President of the Ontario Orthopaedic Association. Lesley Bell is Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Nurses Association. And the regular Queen's Park analysts: a former health minister herself, New Democrat Ruth Grier; Tory advisor Hugh Segal; and Liberal Richard Mahoney.
Oct 13, 1996
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