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4th Reading

The government has been talking about selling off some of its greatest assets - the giant Ontario Liquor Control Board, our own TVOntario, and even perhaps its huge public housing stock. Are the Tories going too far? Can private companies run the Ontario of tomorrow? Steve is joined by Will Lispon, expert in private-public partnerships with the consulting firm KPMG; Thomas Walkom, Queen's Park columnist with the Toronto Star; and Terence Corcoran, columnist with the Globe and Mail's Report on Business. Latest Word; There's been much talk surrounding the latest Environics poll which had the governing Tories drop to the low 30's in popularity. That's a big fall from the heady mid 50's the government was enjoying back in early December. What's behind the fall? 4th Reading gets the Latest Word from Pauline Johnson from Thompson News Service and Martin Mittlestadt of the Globe and Mail.
Feb 18, 1996
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