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Your Health

Your Health is hosted by Maureen Taylor. Episode twenty-two. It's more compassionate, not to mention cheaper, to let people die, recuperate or spend their last years living in their own home. At least that is the conventional wisdom. 3 million Canadians toil daily behind closed doors, caring for their loved ones in their homes. But the homecare system is a patchwork of programs that vary from province to province in quality, access and care. Over the past 6 years Rose Giglio has gradually given up her career, her personal life and her freedom to care for her frail and aged parents. And, Maureen interviews Dr. Donna Stewart, chair of Women's Health at the University Health Network and Dr. Paula Rochon, scientist with the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, about Gender Bias in Drug testing. Also this week, chemistry professor, Joe Schwarcz looks at Magnesium.
Jul 03, 2002
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