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4th Reading

HOMES FOR THE HOMELESS Even in these booming economic times, there's an issue that just never seems to go away: the homeless. Provincial and federal housing ministers met this week to wrestle with the issue of affordable housing. The Conservatives say the private sector can still be coaxed into doing the job. Critics call the government's policy a dismal failure. Tonight's special guest: the man responsible for housing in Ontario, Tony Clement, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and the Conservative MPP for Brampton West-Mississauga. Also tonight: They're chomping at the bit. MPPs have spent months pouring over polls, conducting focus groups and just generally having their ears bent by the folks back home. Now they're in attack mode: sharpening their rhetorical skills for the return of the legislature on Monday. Mike Harris is working on a brand new vision for Ontario. But the opposition parties smell blood over the Walkerton water disaster. Our Fourth Reading pundits, Richard Mahoney, Ruth Grier and Mac Penney give us a sneak preview of what the leaders intend to dish up this fall.
Sep 24, 2000
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