Archive: Show #182 "Putting the Lock on Crime"

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Several law enforcement items have popped up on the radar screen this week. First, the government is privatizing 5 young offenders' facilities - a move critics say is dangerous and expensive. There's the uproar over Operation True Blue - fundraising by the Toronto Police Association meant to bankroll digging for dirt on politicians unfriendly to the police. That and a controversial appearance before the Supreme Court by Attorney General Jim Flaherty have critics worried the justice system is being politicized. And finally, the Tories say the Young Offenders' Act is still too lenient. But the government says its "tough on crime" policies are the way to go. We'll ask Bart Maves, Parliamentary Secretary for Social Services and Leah Casselman, OPSEU President and former jail guard. Panelists are Ruth Grier, John Duffy and Gina Brannan.
Jan 30, 2000
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