Archive: Show #177 "Municipal Restructuring"

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Is there any issue more contentious than municipal restructuring? During the last election Toni Skarica of Wentworth Burlington and Brad Clark of Stony Creek said the PC's would not bring in municipal amalgamation for Hamilton. As a matter of fact, Mike Harris' spokesman Paul Rhodes is quoted saying that is definitely NOT party policy. But new reports commissioned for the government have recommended just that for Steeltown, Ottawa, Sudbury and the Regional Municipality of Haldiman-Norfolk. The government wants to do this through legislation - in omnibus bill form - by the new year. Now a very upset Skarica vows there will be no supercity for Hamilton as long as he is a sitting MPP. Is the megacity model so important to the government it's willing to risk an open caucus revolt? We'll ask our guest, Municipal Affairs Minister Tony Clement
Dec 05, 1999
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