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Steve Gilchrist is one of those Tory MPP's the talk shows love. And the feeling has always been mutual. Gilchrist likes to be on TV. And TV shows like to book him as a guest, because he's one of the best and most entertaining communicators in the provincial government. But this week, Steve Gilchrist is all over the tele and for all the wrong reasons. Gilchrist is under investigation by the OPP. Should the Scarborough MPP, who's also a cabinet minister, have to quit if he's under investigation? Gilchrist says the answer is no. The Gilchrist situation has, momentarily at least, taken attention away from a problem the Harris government seems determined to solve: what to do about the increasing number of so-called squeegee kids at Toronto's major intersections.
Oct 17, 1999
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OPINION: The health minister says there's no need for financial incentives to get the shot. That's okay for now — but things could look different in September.

The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.
OPINION: I waited hours this weekend for a shot — and was turned away. Inventory control and simple addition shouldn’t be this hard.
Ron Davis is a brilliant jazz pianist. Thanks to the pandemic, he’s no longer playing — and he’s likely not the only one.
The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.
OPINION: There are arguments for having Section 33 in our Constitution — undoing the errors of a government that can’t seem to shoot straight isn’t one of them.
The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.
OPINION: A few months ago, we were all scrambling to get our shots. Now we have more than we can use — it’s time to increase capacity.

According to new projections, case counts will continue to fall — if Ontario can vaccinate fast enough to contain the spread of the Delta variant.