Archive: Show #166 "Tough Love"

4th Reading

Janet Ecker has been portrayed as a "kinder gentler" minister of education, aiming to cool off the war of words between the Harris government and the province's teachers. But the teachers' unions are lukewarm about the new academic curriculum and very unhappy about the plan to test the competency of teachers. Tonight, Janet Ecker joins our Fourth Reading pundits (Mac Penney, Richard Mahoney and Ruth Grier) to discuss the academic changes this fall, as well as the province's "get tough" approach to school violence. Also tonight, we unveil the new renovations at Queen's Park which have transformed the legislative chamber.
Sep 12, 1999
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Rod Phillips says goodbye, Ford vows no anti-vax tax, and the province goes back to court over testing teachers. 
Staff in the Township of Zorra now work longer workdays in exchange for a three-day weekend — and the idea could spread, depending on who comes out in top in the next election.
Derailments. Lawsuits. Delays. breaks down the dubious milestones in the capital’s years-long transit saga.

The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.

OPINON: COVID-19 has absolutely overwhelmed the system. But there were existing fault lines — and the hard work won’t be over when the immediate crisis has passed.

In the wake of an outbreak that infected close to half its members, the community has received some aid from the government — and from its neighbours.

The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.

The province has released information about testing, monitoring, and staffing in advance of the planned January 17 return to in-person learning. Read the full briefing. speaks with Mandom Hui about the unexpected twists and turns that took him from cooking pig brains to selling masks at cost.