Archive: Show #125 "Tuition Deregulated"

4th Reading

The Ontario government announced two weeks ago that it was deregulating tuition fees for medical and law schools. Universities responded immediately by hiking tuition, 100 per cent in some cases. The argument is that more money is needed to make sure Canadian schools are world class, and that future professionals who'll be making big bucks should pay a greater share of the cost of their education. But the increases have raised fears that middle class parents, and promising but poor students, won't be able to foot the tuition bill. The Ontario government has reduced its operating grants to universities, but it has increased the amount of money available for student loans. The president of the University of Toronto, Rob Pritchard, joins our Fourth Reading political panel of Conservative Mac Penney, Liberal Richard Mahoney and New Democrat Ruth Grier.
May 17, 1998
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