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The FCC in the United States is launching a commission to study it. One woman is suing because she said it scarred her for life. No I'm not talking about racism, sexism or crime. I'm talking about Janet Jackson's breast. It's just another example of our insatiable desire to shock and be shocked. But why? Why do we love to titillate? And how does time change the things we find shocking? Here to tell us is Marcel Danesi, professor of Semiotics and Communication Theory at the University of Toronto, and the author of"Understanding Media Semiotics." Pick up a newspaper and you see a headline about how high school kids in Ontario are failing in record numbers. Recent reports suggest up to 40,000 students may not graduate this year -- that's nearly double the norm. At the same time, we're told of record numbers of students achieving higher marks than ever before. Now how can both these things be true? And what does that say about education system? Here with some answers, as always, is our resident education columnist Wili Liberman. He is the editor and publisher of Teach Magazine. This show contains a Planet Parent segment.
Feb 26, 2004
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