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Your closet is jammed with clothes, but you claim you have nothing to wear. Lisa Tant to the rescue! Lisa is the fashion editor of Chatelaine magazine and she's here to talk about recycling your wardrobe. Call in with all your questions about making something old new again. Imelda Marcos has got nothing on Sonja Bata. The renowned Bata Shoe Museum not only has hundreds upon hundreds of shoes. It's got shoes that are old and new, large and small, and from the four corners of the earth. Founder Sonja Bata will be in to talk about her favourites, both personal and in the collection, and the stories behind them. This show contains 1 taped item by Studio2 "Bata Shoe museum" and 1 taped item by Your Health "Sutures,. Show is phone-in based, and viewers can also participate via e-mail.
Jan 29, 2002
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