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4th Reading

This week on 4th Reading, host Steve Paikin is joined by John Tory, key strategist for the federal Conservatives 1993 failed election bid. Mr. Tory and our panel - Hugh Mackenzie, former advisor to Premier Bob Rae; Liberal insider Patrick Gossage; and Larry Grossman, who is sitting in for a vacationing Jane Pepino - kick around the concept of campaign documents, such as the provincial Liberal's version of a Red Book. How risky is it to put your promises in writing? Also, Steve drops into the Montreal Bistro to chew over election strategy with some folks from the back rooms of the provincial parties: Frances Lankin, a campaigning cabinet minister and NDP campaign spokesperson; Paul Rhodes, senior media advisor to the Conservatives; and Richard Mahoney, campaign co-chair to the Liberals.
May 07, 1995
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