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How do you develop a good working relationship with the teacher, the principal and the school? And how do you resolve problems without jeopardizing the way your child is treated in class? Our panel has seen some of the best and worst in confrontations between teacher and parent. And they can still laugh about it. Steve Brinder is a supply teacher by day and a stand-up comic by night. Evan Carter is also a comedian, whose day job is being a father of two. And Wili Liberman is the publisher and editor of Teach Magazine and our resident education columnist. Any parent can tell you that taking care of a child is hard work...the midnight feedings, the baths, the walks. Now imagine doing those everyday things as a parent with a disability. That's the challenge facing our two guests. Enza Ronaldi is a working mother of two. She also has muscular dystrophy. Michele Gardner is the single parent of a nine-month old, and she has cerebral palsy. This show contains a Planet Parent segment.
Jul 14, 2004
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