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Many home cooks eagerly await this annual event. It's the arrival of the Milk Calendar. The calendar is chock full of easy and tasty recipes created by Anne Lindsay. Anne will be in to show us creative ways to cook chicken, pasta and dessert and she'll answer your cooking questions. And speaking of cooking, here's the dilemma; people are coming to dinner. You're short on time, so you've bought desserts, but you don't want your guests to know about it. So how do you cheat and not get caught? We ventured into food stylist Terry Schacht's kitchen to get some insider tips on plate decorating. Since when did choice become so difficult? Now choosing a university is akin to mission impossible. For many students it involves intense research, strategic planning, a do or die attitude and of course the Maculae's annual edition of universities rankings. Anne Dowsett Johnston has been chronicling the rise and fall of higher learning for the past ten years. Show is phone-in based, and viewers can also participate via e-mail
Nov 24, 2001
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