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Critics say there's too much violence in the media. Murder and mayhem are everyday fodder for movies, videos and television. But does this violence make our children behave more aggressively? No, says University of Toronto professor Jonathan Freedman. He's reviewed the evidence in his book Media Violence and Its Effect on Aggression. Maybe your child loves to perform too. But do they have what it takes to be a star? Bob Dunn is with the Starfleet Talent Agency in Toronto, and he's here to answer my questions and yours. So if you want to know how to prepare your child for a career in show biz, or what to beware of in the industry, call in. He'll take your calls. This show also contains 2 field pieces, "Broadway Kids" by MTL, and Planet Parent clip. Show is phone-in based, and viewers can also participate via email.
Jun 05, 2002
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