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Did you know that advertisers like to use "weasel" words? They're words that we are so used to seeing and hearing that we don't notice them. When a toothpaste advertiser says "X helps fight cavities" that may be true, but so does the toothbrush. And what we hear is "X fights cavities". Prof. Andrew Bailey, a philosophy professor from the University of Guelph is always looking for flaws in arguments. He's here today to teach us the art of logical reasoning so we'll all be a little smarter before we open our mouths to start an argument, or open our wallet after seeing a clever commercial. And one of the most logical staples to put in your menu plans is rice. But who would have thought that this humble grain has a rich and diverse history? Naomi Duguid is co-author of Seductions of Rice. From the Thai way of rolling a sticky ball to Indian basmati and dal, she'll tell us how cultures from all over the world have used rice.
Sep 02, 2003
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