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Ontario students pay the second highest undergraduate tuition fees in Canada. With these fees rising almost 5% a year for the last 25 years, experts predict that by the year 2021 it will cost $118,000 to send a child to four years of university, if they intend to stay in residence. Ontario tax advisor Tom Cestnick joins More To Life to tell us how we can begin saving now for our child's future education. Also today: is that a UFO? No, it's Hokan Colting. Hokan is the founder and CEO of 21st Century Airships Inc, an innovative research and development company for LTS (lighter than air crafts). He's a self-taught hot-air balloon pilot and he's patented a new type of airship that's spherical in shape. The American military is considering using Colting's spheres for military surveillance and environmental monitoring. And though he has been reported as a UFO numerous times, he denies any alien ties. Join us today for his story.
Sep 20, 2003
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