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On this show: profile of The Ginger Press, the literary heart of Owen Sound Ontario. For more than 15 years, this combination bookstore, café and publishing house has devoted itself to local authors. It's turned Owen Sound into a haven for readers and writers alike. Imprint's Top Ten Canadian Writers to Watch Under 40. We've scoured the bookshelves, consulted the experts, and come up with a list of Canada's most promising young writers. Who will be the next Robertson Davies? What writers will we still be reading in 50 years? Quill and Quire's Bronwyn Drainie, and Ann Decter of McGilligan Press deconstruct the talent pool and reveal their sources.
Feb 03, 2003
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Pandemic restrictions cut off group-home residents from family and friends, and the psychological effects have advocates calling for change.

We will soon find out whether we went through this $600 million exercise only to end up pretty much exactly where we started. speaks with Debbie Douglas of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants about racism in Canada — and why immigration should have been an election issue.
The Tories felt it was their year. But they hadn’t reckoned with a reinvigorated Pierre Trudeau — or with how Robert Stanfield played football.

The latest coronavirus updates from across the province. updates Ontarians on federal election news relevant to the province. 
ANALYSIS: Whichever party wins on September 20, it’ll need to deal with right-wing populism — and a belief that government institutions do not represent “real people.”
According to recent counts, there are 43 long-term water advisories and 14 short-term advisories in Ontario. What does that mean, and do the numbers tell the whole story?
Every Friday, rounds up the federal-election news that matters to Ontarians.