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It has long been said that immigration is the backbone of this country. But for new Canadians, the divide is not only between their native and adopted cultures, but also between generations. In many immigrant families, the children assimilate and learn English, far ahead of their parents and grandparents - who often do not. Our panel today takes a look at literacy, immigration and how we adapt to living in a new country. John O'Leary is the president of Frontier College, a national literacy organization. Marlene Pionteck is the ESL and Workplace Literacy Program Manager at Frontier College. And Wayson Choy joins us. Wayson is the celebrated author of "Paper Shadows: A Chinatown Childhood", the memoirs of his Chinese-Canadian upbringing. The new Liberal government has promised to spend an extra one-point-six-billion dollars in education. But how likely is that to happen in the face of a looming deficit? Here to give us a reality check is Wili Liberman, publisher and editor of Teach Magazine and our resident education columnist. This show contains a Planet Parent segment.
Oct 30, 2003
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