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You've probably heard the expression, 'actions speak louder than words.' It's true. Gestures and body language are unconsciously woven into our social lives, reflecting who we are and the culture we live in. But what does this nonverbal communication mean? How do we learn it? And where does it come from? Here to communicate some answers is Marcel Danesi, professor of Semiotics and Communication Theory at the University of Toronto, and the author of "Forever Young: The Teen-aging of Modern Culture". It's the bane of every 15 year-old's existence. Passing the Grade 10 Literacy test is crucial if you hope to graduate from high school in Ontario. But, an average of 25% of students fail this exam. Some students and their families are taking the government to task over this. They've launched a lawsuit saying the literacy test discriminates against disadvantaged students and visible minorities. Here to give us his own analysis is Wili Liberman, publisher and editor of Teach Magazine and our in-house education columnist.
Jul 15, 2004
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