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First, we hunt for Easter Eggs. Easter eggs? In December you ask? Yes, well these are special Easter eggs. The kind you find on a DVD movie. And our favourite tech journalist, Marc Saltzman has found lots of them. He's authored a second book on the subject. It's called, "DVD Confidential 2: the Sequel ". Marc will be showing us some of these hidden gems. He's also got the latest gadgets from Santa's bag to show us. Most of us sit on our comfy couches and read about what's going on in war-torn areas around the world. Others are drawn to the conflict, hungry for the truth. Who are these people? They're journalists like Scott Taylor. Scott is a former soldier and the editor of Esprit de Corps magazine. He has reported from Cambodia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Yugoslavia. And during numerous trips to Iraq, Scott has met with some of Saddam Hussein's top advisors, stared death in the face, and managed to still come home with the story. That story is published in his most recent book, "Spinning on the Axis of Evil: America's War Against Iraq."
Dec 13, 2003
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