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If you're looking for a new coffee table or wine rack, why not consider a dual-purpose piece, like a coffin. While this might not be to your taste, there are all kinds of trends breathing new life into the funeral industry. Two funeral directors, Jim Cardinal and David Garvey join us to talk shop and take your calls. Bookstore mega-mergers; publishers urging you to buy Canadian; famous authors alternately annoying and adoring Oprah Winfrey: what is going on with the Canadian book publishing industry? Scott Anderson, editor of Quill and Quire joins us to tell all. This show contains 1 taped piece "Mount Pleasant Cemetery". Show is phone-in based, and viewers can also participate via e-mail.
Feb 02, 2002
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OPINION: Yes, we are already beyond the health-care system’s red line and facing new COVID-19 variants. But there are some causes for optimism — and Toronto’s mass-vaccination facility is one of them.
CoverContraceptiON, a physician-led advocacy group, says that the pandemic is exacerbating long-standing equity issues — and that the government must take action.
The latest coronavirus updates from across the province
The city halted fare collection in the face of COVID-19. Now a local advocacy coalition wants council to make no-cost travel permanent.
The government has not publicly shared a triage protocol — but what we know about its thinking has experts and advocates worried that Ontarians with disabilities will be denied care.
OPINION: After Roman Baber’s public anti-lockdown message, the premier kicked him out of the caucus — proving that at least some things are beyond the pale.
The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.

OPINION: The numbers are still objectively bad — but they aren’t still going up. Even if it’s a blip, the timing couldn’t be better.

The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.