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It was a historic week at Queen's Park. On Wednesday, the government announced the largest privatization in Canadian history as Hydro One is now for sale. And on Thursday, Michael Dean Harris made his final statement as premier to the Ontario legislature. Harris said he is still amazed the province picked a small businessman from North Bay, with little political experience, as its 22nd Premier. Indeed, Mike Harris will still be around for another 3 months, but the race to succeed him as Premier is on. So far there are 5 candidates: Ernie Eves, Jim Flaherty, Tony Clement, Elizabeth Witmer, and today's guest: Chris Stockwell. Stockwell may have been the last to declare, but is making a big splash with his populist campaign. Feature interview with the Minister of Labour and the PC member for Etobicoke Centre, Chris Stockwell. And our Queen's Park experts: Ruth Grier, Richard Mahoney and Mac Penney.
Dec 16, 2001
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The latest coronavirus updates from across the province. 
With facilities in southern Ontario facing unprecedented capacity pressures, those in the north are gearing up to help out.
OPINION: Until someone in the PC caucus accepts that responsibility starts at the top, this is going to get worse, not better.
OPINION: The government has been completely overtaken by events and lost control — not only of the crisis, but of itself.
This past weekend proved you still need the consent of the governed in Canada’s biggest province.

After expelling the OPP from the community, chief and council say they want to establish their own police force. What would that involve — and how could the system be changed?

A six-week stay-at-home order and high rates of vaccination are the only ways to flatten Ontario’s current pandemic curve — that and more in the latest modelling briefing. speaks with Sabrina Craig, of Vaccine Hunters Canada, about why a group of Torontonians came together to gather, share, and spread information.
 The latest coronavirus updates from across the province.