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Today, your baby woke you three times last night. Then your mother in law called asking those dreaded words, "Is he sleeping through the night?" And you lied. Author Bonny Reichert has concluded that comforting a crying baby in the small hours is a choice, not a mistake. In her book, In Search of Sleep she reviews all the myths and mores of night waking. She joins Karen Horsman to talk about coping strategies, and take your calls. Imagine travelling 500 km through the jungles of Borneo, trekking through leech-infested mud, and swimming in white water, mountain-biking along dense rainforest trails - and you've only got 12 days to finish. Then imagine that you are there voluntarily. That's exactly what adventure racers Dave Zietsma and Yvonne Camus did. They participated in Eco-challenge 2000 in Borneo and they're here to talk about it.
Mar 28, 2001
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