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Only 57% of eligible voters showed up during the last provincial election. Less than 30% are expected for this Monday's municipal elections. And don't even count on the youth vote - most young people can't be bothered to mark a ballot. Why? What's happening to our democratic system? Here to discuss the issue is Taylor Gunn. He is the Chief Election Officer of Kids Voting Canada, a non-profit group which staged mock elections in schools across Ontario during the recent provincial election. Wili Liberman is our resident education columnist as well as the publisher and editor of Teach Magazine. Wili is also the publisher of "My Commitment to Canada: An Active Exploration of Democratic Citizenship." Joel Westheimer from the University of Ottawa joins us by phone. She exposed a link between a Canadian oil company and the brutal treatment of citizens in Sudan. She helped hundreds of thousands get back their homes after ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. Lawyer Georgette Gagnon has a profound commitment to helping those who are voiceless. This show contains one Planet Parent segment.
Jul 24, 2004
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The man everyone called “Linc” was a trailblazer, as well as a kind and decent man.