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More than a week after the tragedies in the U.S, the question is; how will Canada be involved in America's war on terrorism and should we be involved at all? Our guests today are Michael Valpy from the Globe and Mail and David Mutimer from York University. We will take your calls and discuss the issues. Also today, children's author Jean Little will join Mary to talk about her book Orphan at My Door: The Home Child Diary of Victoria Cope. The diary is a fictionalized account of what life might have been like for one of the very real "home children" sent to Canada at the turn of the twentieth century. Although they came from the slums of London, the life they faced here was often not much of an improvement over the life they left behind. This show contains 1 field piece by Studio2 "Home Children". Show is phone-in based, and viewers can also participate via e-mail.
Sep 19, 2001
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