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How many times have you walked into a store and not been able to find a salesperson? Some call that Canadian service - aloof, unfriendly, unknowledgeable. But is that reputation deserved? Well, our guest today ought to know. David Lipton runs Sensors Quality Management -- a company that sends spies into hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets to assess the service. He's here to share his stories and to take your calls. Okay, so Christmas is over, but pretty soon it'll be somebody's birthday and you'll be racking your brain trying to come up with a great gift idea. Well, how about giving someone their life? Bernadette Hardaker runs "Life Stories" her business is to interview people about the people, places, and events they remember most. She then binds all those memories up in a book they can keep. She's here to share some of those stories with us. This show also contains 1 taped piece "Planet Parent clip", about nannies. Show is phone-in based, and viewers can also participate via e-mail.
Jan 09, 2002
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