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Millions of people deal with addictions in their lives. Even though there are no quick fixes, my guest today has advice for those looking to kick a bad habit. Dr. Peter Selby is with the Department of Family and Community Medicine and is the head of the Nicotine Dependence Clinic at the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health in Toronto. He also lectures on addiction at the University of Toronto's Mini-Med School. She is a rare breed of doctor. Rare in what she does and how she does is it. Joan Murphy is one of only 16 cancer doctors in the province, who specializes in gynecology. She deals with a crushing workload, leads research in the field of ovarian cancer, raises funds, teaches medical students, and she's a wife and mother of two young sons. And somehow through it all, there's always the time to touch the lives of patients. Dr. Joan Murphy is the Chief of Gynecologic Oncology at the University Health Network in Toronto and she is our next X-Factor profile.
Dec 09, 2003
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