Transcript: Space Probes "The Spirit Of Mars ll: Twin Rovers" | Sep 30, 2004

A black slate appears with a title that reads "Spirit of Mars II, The Twin Rovers."

An animation of a space ship floating in space appears on screen. The space ship divides into two rovers that head straight for Mars, a large red planet.

A caption reads "Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart."

As the two rovers enter Mars’s atmosphere, they begin to form a rounded burning cloud behind them until their parachutes launch and a white balloon covering puffs up around them.

The caption changes to "On January 24, 2004, Spirit’s twin, Opportunity lands on Mars."

The parachute releases and one rover collides with the red, dusty ground on Mars and begins to bounce.

The caption changes to "Opportunity bounces into a region called Meridiani Planum."

The bouncy ball covered rover comes to a halt, the balloons deflate, and the covering opens and the gold-plated rover begins to unfold.

The caption changes to "Opportunity’s mission is to study soil and seek evidence of water."

Opportunity unfolds a camera that projects the landscape of Mars on screen with a long, dark red horizon and the Sun in the background.

The caption changes to "Opportunity finds itself inside Endurance Crater, 20 meters deep and 130 meters wide."

Opportunity’s camera starts to move and a satellite image of the crater appears on screen.

The caption changes to "These patterns may have been formed by an evaporating body of saltwater."

Opportunity begins to drive along the rocky red terrain and snaps black and white photographs.

The caption changes to "Martian rocks may have formed under water or by lava flow."

Opportunity drives up to a rock and drills it for a sample.

The caption changes to "Deposits of gray hematite indicate water and organic life."

More black and white photos of the barren, rocky terrain appear on screen.

The caption changes to "Iron-oxide indicates lava flow. This is not conducive to organic life."

Opportunity continues to drive around the crater.

The caption changes to "Opportunity studies the inner slope of Endurance Crater."

The caption changes to "Spirit and Opportunity are paving the way for future Mars missions by humans."

Now a clip of Mars rotating from a distance appears on screen.

The credits roll.

Executive Producer, Rudy Buttignol.

Producer Director, David Sobelman.

Production Editor, Julian Lannaman.

Footage courtesy of NASA, Johnson Space Center, Jet Propulsion Lab.

Space Walkers, A production of TVO Ontario. Copyright 2004, The Ontario Educational Communications Authority.

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