Transcript: Space Probes "Canadarm" | Sep 29, 2004

A black opening slate reads "The Canadarm."

A clip shows the orbiting Space Shuttle, and a moving flexible arm,
unloading the open hatch. A caption reads "Rigoletto... La Donna e
Mobile, Giuseppe Verdi."
(Heroic lyrical opera music plays)

The full length of the three-jointed arm is seen. A caption reads "The
Canadarm began work on the Shuttle on November 13, 1981." It is shown
performing a multitude of tasks, some heavy duty and others extremely
delicate. Astronauts work on a platform at the end of the arm.
A caption reads "Besides moving heavy loads, the Canadarm helps
astronauts grapple and retrieve satellites. They also use it as a mobile
work platform. The Canadarm is 15 meters long. It has shoulder, elbow and
wrist joints, similar to a human arm. The Canadarm 2 was launched on April
19th, 2001. The Canadarm 2 is 17 meters long. both Canadarms are integral
to the construction of Space Station Alpha."

The Canadarms are shown performing intricate tasks of coupling and assembling,
with sure, smooth action. A caption reads "The handling capacity of the Canadarm
is 266,000 kilos." "The Canadarm really does function as an extension of
your body... Marc Garneau."
(The aria reaches its climax)
The screen fades to black.

(Theme music plays)

the end credits roll.

Executive Producer, Rudy Buttignol.

Producer Director, David Sobelman.

Production Editor, Julian Lannaman.

Footage courtesy of Johnson Space Center Jet Propulsion Lab.

The Canadarm. TV Ontario 2004.

Watch: Space Probes "Canadarm"